Poem: I Am Everywhere

(20/01/2020) Today is a day where everything’s changed.. not too much is different, but my cells are rearranging, re-orchestrating - . a new kind of form, inside to outside, cool and warm,  I feel myself, my body - a sense, I did not know I yearned for  until I’d been to great lengths to arrive here … Continue reading Poem: I Am Everywhere

Expansion Contraction

(21/01/2020) Every so often I connect with an all-encompassing sense of my life.. all the layers and threads.. so complexly woven, I touch on them.. wobble.. a thunderous subtle vibration.. so deep I can barely feel it, barely hear it, but it’s there - shaking my cells.. . Atomic Level Boom . ..if I’m still … Continue reading Expansion Contraction

Stream of Consciousness: Comfy Amongst my Grey Matter

(29/11/2018) Souped up doped up complacency bind me hold me will I ever be free demons lurking pain some strife flying boldly through the night warriors we are warriors we stay inside outside war and play feeling avoiding stepping in and out This side that side.. Karaoke?  No  hokey kokey.. Is that what it’s all … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness: Comfy Amongst my Grey Matter